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Classroom Grants

Monticello 16

Bland County Public Schools’ foundation for Quality, Unique, Innovative, Learning & Leadership offers Educational Enhancement grants to provide support of initiatives which improve the educational experience of Bland County Public School students.  These grants are available to teachers and division leaders to fund initiatives that would otherwise not be funded by the school division.  Utilizing a set of criteria, the QUILL board members will review grant applications at least bi-annually to provide funding for education initiatives which match the goals and vision of QUILL. Individuals applying for an Educational Enhancement grant will be awarded up to $1,000 and individuals working collaboratively on a project can receive $1,500 enhancement grants per individual.



Download a copy of the guidelines here.

Download a copy of the classroom grant application here.



Teachers are responsible for submitting a financial report and a final report for your project.

Download a copy of the financial report here.

Download a copy of the final report here.


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