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Future Farmers of America Scholarship

Bland County Schools has a long tradition with the Future Farmers of America. Henry C. Groseclose, a teacher and former superintendent of Bland County Schools, is recognized as the Father of the FFA for his key role in its foundation in the 1920s. In 1954 a podium made of 240 individual pieces of wood from 38 trees native to Virginia was presented to the National FFA in Kansas City. It is still used today at the national convention. Ralph Reynolds, a principal and teacher at Bland High School, was instrumental in setting up this scholarship.

The scholarships will be given to students based on their participation in the FFA and their future plans for a career in the agricultural/forestry industry. Each applicant should submit an application detailing their history in the FFA and an academic plan for their future in an agricultural/forestry related field.


Two scholarships of $500 will be given to qualified students. The scholarship may be used for tuition and pre-approved educational expenses. Applications will be judged by the agricultural teacher, guidance counselor, and extension agent. 

Please contact the guidance counselor at Bland County High School for more information.

The FFA Scholarship is given in memory of Ralph Reynolds and Henry C. Groseclose.

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