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Mountain Home Center Scholarship

The Mountain Home Center Scholarship Award winners will receive a scholarship of $1,000 that may be applied towards their tuition or other approved expenses.  Depending on the financial state of the Mountain Home Center this amount may be increased or decreased in the future.  If no student is chosen the amount to be given will be carried over and added to the scholarship amount for the next year. 


Scholarship applicants must have completed at least one class in the Mountain Home Center curriculum.  They will be evaluated based on their participation in sponsored programs of the Mountain Home Center and their contributions to Bland County community, culture, environment, and local history.  Students who best fit the Mountain Home Center Mission Statement will be favorably viewed.


Scholarship applicants should write an essay that represents how they meet these criteria.  A committee consisting of the guidance counselor, teachers who hold classes in the Mountain Home Center, and the director of the Mountain Home Center will judge the applicants.


Mountain Home Center Mission Statement

The Mountain Home Center is based on the philosophy of place-based education. Project based teaching, cooperative learning, and problem solving are emphasized in the acquisition of technology skills and a sense citizenship and community. The result is an educated citizen who knows his community, appreciates his community, contributes to his community, and is prepared for a productive, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Please contact the guidance counselor at Bland County High School for more information.

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